Point Community Groups are our small groups that meet during the week to help you grow! Our groups operate in semesters (Spring, Summer and Fall).

Join one of our Point Communities this week!

Point Community Group Descriptions

  • Iron Sharpens Iron (Mens Group) – This semester we will be meeting a couple times every month @ the home of Cory Edgar. Check the calendar for location and dates! For more info contact Cory Edgar @ (315) 767-5338
  • Flourish (Women’s Group) – This semester our ladies will be meeting at the church @ 6:30pm. For more info contact Sam John @ (315) 783-3957
  • Family Group – Open to all families young and old! Join us for a time of fun, food, fellowship and getting into the Word! Check the calendar for location. For more info contact Jeremy Askins @ (315) 955-2553
  • Free Indeed – All are welcome to this ministry! Doesn’t matter the struggle…food, drugs, alcohol, pornography…God wants to set you free! Join us online and in-person. For more info contact Jimmy Wood @ (315) 489-0517
  • Youth Group – For ages 12-19. Our youth meet at the Burrville Campus @ 6:30pm. Check the calendar for address and times. For more info contact Kevin Sanders @ (315) 408-1743
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